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Repairs for England: Chipping Sodbury & Kingswood
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Web & Media Design By PCpetes
Multipage sites that perform extremely well and look very affordable prices!

Blog Articles
Secure your Web Browser
You are most likely being watched when you surf the internet!!!!
Published by Mr Dongle - 1/12/2020
Your well-designed website
We design, build and maintain websites with a refreshing attitude towards keeping things easy and affordable.
Published by Pete Hopkins - 30/5/2020
Data Recovery
Why it's not always cheap to get your data recovered.
Published by Pete Hopkins - 18/5/2019
Always backup your data
Backup & be safe! Keep regular backups of your computers user data. We explain why and how easy it is to be caught out...
Published by Pete Hopkins - 18/4/2019
Protect yourself on the Web
Everyone wants your data! How do you protect yourself?
Published by Pete Hopkins - 18/7/2018
Web Media & Design
By PCpetes

Great websites at great prices.

Multi page sites that perform well and look good for budget prices with excellent quality and durability.

Call and find out more: 07774 013 249

As of November 2019

We have referred all our repair work to MPRC;
58 Broad Street, Chipping Sodbury,
Bristol BS37 6AG.
07773 773 776
MPRC now handle all repair services

58 Broad Street, Chipping Sodbury,
Bristol BS37 6AG.
07773 773 776
Desktop PC & Laptop Repairs

MPRC repair all issues with Laptops and Desktop computers, from broken charge port to cracked screen.
Password Removal & Data Recovery

MPRC can redover data from mobile phones and tablets. They also recover data from verious situations with hard drives.

Android Tablet Repairs

Get your phone and tablet repaired by MPRC they replace screens batteries buttons camaeras and many more.

Games Console repairs

MPRC can repair your games console and get it back in the gaming world again.

News & Events

PCpetes new PC  & IT forum and Blog begins in late 2020 around June.

MPRC now handles all our IT repairs services as we have moved into web and media design, and SEO consultancy.

We have a £5 off Offer for all web hosting on
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