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web & Media Design (N.I) and UK
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Propper Tools & Proceedures

We use the correct tools for the job, such as soldering stations that use computer controlled heat profiles putting minimal heat stress on circuit boards and components.

BGA rework & soldering
We can replace certian chips on all of our listed devices we repair.

We work with micro smd/smt soldered components, with strong skills in advanced soldering techniques and tools.

PCpetes is a family business with people values, offering the home user   complete coverage for their computer issues and needs, with strong  values in equality and diversity and understanding everyone has  unique  needs and differences.
Pete has been involved with computers and web media since 2001  and is a microsoft certified professional. Skill sets are,
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
HTML 4/5 - CSS 2/3  -  PHP  -  Media design
BGA /SMT/Soldering and micro soldering
OCR DIT102 Advanced Databases

PCpetes does it's best to keep prices competitive without  compromising on service. There are no hourly rates or hidden charges, everything is  fixed fee based so you will always know the cost with no hidden suprises.

The web site is a bid to build a location of information  relevant to home users and small businesses. Pricing policies are competitive and we conduct ourselves with complete confidentiality in all practices.
We take the tech away from technical and
     put practical into practice
The web site has information  to help you overcome many issues with Laptops, Desktops and Android tablets. You can also find information on issues with games consoles, all tailored to give an easy understandable  format with no hard to understand jargon or techno-babble.

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