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Allways backup your data

Published by in Data · 18 April 2019
Tags: Backingup
There's a metal box inside your computer or laptop that works hard saving and keeping your operating system and data. Known as a hard drive or Solid state drive, there are certian situations that can occur thats cuases them to fail or loss data.

This can happen due to old age or user error or even system crashes, and its vital you keep backups as it can happen anytime even with new or young hsrd drives..

Sometimes when a non solid state hard drive fails (no moving parts) you can get the data recovered by a professional with the right software and tools, other times drives fail in such a way they have to taken apart data recovered using special machines which can be extreamly expensive.

So it makes sense to keep regular backups of your important data on seperate hard drive,, NOT the same drive..

There are many software titles for computers tthat can backup data for you so we have made a small list bellow for you to look at. They are all free and tested by us.. We use FileSyncFree which has a fantastic amount of configurability and easy interface.

FreeFileSync:  https://freefilesync.org/
Outstanding software with excellent options and settings to fine tune multiple backups in one place. This app can mirror any two locations so any changes in the core files are reflected in the backup files when the backup is executed.

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