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Why is Windows 10 pushed so hard on people

Published by in Windows and Linux · 3 July 2019
Tags: Windows10
Windows 10 has become the hate parade for many users and businesses, with it's forced background updates that often completely kill the system or leave it on a blank screen. We've down-graded many laptops and desktops to Windows 7 at the users request over past years.

It's slower than windows 7 when they said it was faster,, It's more problematic than 7, and most of the system tools options and control panel apps are berried deep in menu options. Windows 8 was a disaster and 10 was a big improvement on 8.

But in the short term Windows 7 will loose manufacture hardware and software support and the time will come when windows 8 and 10 will be the only feasible options for future hardware and software.

So why the big and persistant push for windows 10?

It's the do it all platform for future tech involving VR-Virtual Reality; 5G; corporate collaboration; Industry-to-User advertising platform, and more. Windows 10 is the last OS Version. Microsoft will always release updates to improve and advance 10, and of course security updates for 8 and 7 until they choose to stop supporting thoses OS's.

If you have Windows

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