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We take your privacy very seriously
and conduct business with absolute confidentiality.

No data is collected and stored using cookies, and we never pass on contact information to 3rd parties.

Please read our terms and conditions and data privacy policies bellow.
1:Web Site Terms & Conditions
2:Data Privacy Statement
3:Web design Terms of Contract

1.     By using our web site named you agree to the terms and Conditions listed below.
1.a   This web site will be refered to as '' or 'The Web Site' or 'Our Web site'.

1.b   Forums and user / visitor areas on our web site that allow input of comments and words.
1.c.1 You will conduct yourself with respect to others and reframe from swearing or any forms of abuse.
1.c.2 You will not advertise or promote other services or businesses on this site.
1.c.3 Any references to porn drugs sex or any form of non family adult content is forbidden.
1.c.4 Violation of items c1,c2,c3 will result in user account removal and denial of services.
1.c.5 Any payments on vip accounts or user accounts will be refunded on any dismissal of services.
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