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An Excel 2007 spreadsheet that's VBA coded into a slot machine.
Yes you heard correctly! The sheet will run like the real thing with wins, power-ups and hazards.  This began as a 'bet' challenge, and never finished, but still working well as a slot machine.
It was never released into an office environment through fear of distraction to the work place lol. So I except no responsibility should this happen...
This runs in Excel 2007 and should work in Excel 2010. Coded by PCpetes and freely distributed.

This is a program that sits between your keyboard drivers and the web browsers, incryping key strokes stopping any key loggers that may of got in your system from recording the keys pressed. All they will get is random letters.

This protects you from many types of viruses and trojans that look for ways to record key presses in the hope of catching bank or credit card details or log in details to your secure sites.

There's a free Personal version which offers good protection with many configurable options available. Keyscambler automaticall detects input areas of websites when you use them, and starts protecting you.
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