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Laptop Repairs & Upgrades

Full Service with Internal+External valet : £35

Includes: cooling system refurbishment; Thermal paste replaced with high grade ceramic thermal paste; Fan cleaned and lubricated or replaced if needed; all vents cleared; motherboard and all components cleaned; inner and outer casing cleaned; all internal contacts for ram wifi and HD deoxydized. Sytem optimization and clean out.

Dead starts (blank screen) £38
Fixed. No hourly rates. (Excludes any Parts)
Fan comes on, hard drive may spin, screen blank, power light flashing. If nothing comes on, it still may be fixable, get power supply(charger) tested or pop in for a free checkup. Laptop's have a  90%  repair success rate. On rare occasions parts can't be replaced or 2nd hand part found. As new motherboards  are usually  costly, options would be carefully reviewed  with you first.

Power jack charge port replacement:  £38
Covers: Replacing the charge port with brand new working port newly soldered to motherboard, and repair of any broken supports or clamps inside for supporting charge port.

Sometimes dc ports are on a plug-in cable which will reduce cost by £5 - £9

Standard Laptop repair service:  £30
(excludes any parts)

Covers Virus removal; system reinstallationl; Slow running & crashing; Over heating; system migration to new hard drive; email setup; user data recovery; boot loops; freezing; sudden shutdown and many more.
Std Laptop repair fee:  £30 (excluding any parts)

We can fix any issues with desktops and laptops. We work down to component level on motherboards replacing and re-coding firmware/bios chips and more, diagnosing system errors and issues with our extensive knowedge and experience.

Our workshop is fully kitted-out with the right tools and anti-static equipment and clothing to ensure a safe and professional repair. We conduct ourselves with absolute confidentiality making the privacy of your data & systems paramount.

Other repairs we do:
Xbox  PlayStation  

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