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MPRC now handle all our repair work

As of 7th November 2019 we no longer repair systems or devices, and have handed over our customer base to MPRC a very relaible and capable company that we highly recommend.

Hardware Failure

Should your PC develop a hardware issue we can  professionally diagnose all internal components such as motherboard, video card and chip sets, CPU's & Ram.

Virus removal
MPRC can remove stubborn viruses that may have compromised your anti-virus software. It may even be another program installed causing infections.

Whatever the case, they will diagnose the system and manually remove infections, malware and any bogus applications.

Disaster Recovery
MPRC can recover your data and reinstall the system should you accidentally annihilate it, and replace user data in the system.

Data recovery
If you deleted a partition or data MPRC can get most of it back, and in some cases all of it. The less you use the drive the better the chances.

Chip-off data recovery
MPRC can recover data from the internal memory of dead phones and tablets, sometimes even from severely water damaged devices.
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