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With over 8 years experience in bga soldering and chip work, we often get the worst up and running again. We also build custom systems for demanding jobs such as sound and video work. All our builds are stress tested and our repairs have a 4 month warranty.
Advanced BGA soldering equipment
We use Advanced BGA soldering equipment linked to computers that controll heat soldering profiles and cycles allowing maximum control over the process for better protection of Motherboards and components.

We use specialist solder Fluxes combined with excellent skills to achieve good quality repairs down to component level on Xbox and Playstation games consoles, and Android tablets. This ability has allowed us to tackle some of the worst damage and failures known for Games consoles.

Due to this we have a very high success rate in repairs.  
BGA chip re-work and soldering

We work with BGA chip soldering and replacement for many types of chips and can solder down to 0.4mm sizes, giving us a very wide scope for replacing chips on many of the demanding repairs to computers and consoles.

This skill aids us well, in replacing and re-coding bios chips, or replacing key chips on Android tablets when repairing motherboards. We can replace key chips that fail on Xbox and PS4 consoles such as hdmi decoder ic or bluetooth chip that links controllers to concole wirelessly.

We also use this skill type when removing internal memory / storage chips, from Android phones and tablets, before we do data recovery proceedures on those chips.  
Internal Storage data recovery
In most cases we have been able to use our skills to recover data from the internal storage chips (Nand, eMMc) of Android tablets and phones no matter how badly damaged. Sometimes this chips are damaged but 90% of the time we can get data photos music recovered.

If the device is in good shape but won't boot we often replace internal storage chips and flash them with Android successfully. This is a delicate process only safely possible with the wright tools and skills.
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