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Desktop PC & Laptop Repairs
£30 fixed fee before parts
We can fix any issues with your computer from stuborn viruses to dead systems. Charge port replacement, screen and hard drive repairs, even bios chip flash and replacement.

Android Tablet Repairs
From £28 excluding parts
We can replace touch glass and screens, buttons and charge ports. Recovery of data on internal storage of dead or damaged tablets.

Dead-Device Data Recovery
From £38 - £85
Dead phones or android tablets, even if badly damaged,  recovery of data from internal storage is still possible.

If you deleted data on a hard drive or lost a partition we can help recover you're data, as long as you did'nt keep using drive after data loss, there's a good chance.

Games Console repairs
Console repairs from £38  
For xbox and Playstation', we can fix any of the ports, upgrade hard drives, repair no wifi or controller sync, fix no power on or overheating and more.



Apple device repairs are no longer offered here.

Phone repairs no longer offered as a service.

10% off, on double repairs
(2 items at same time)

Common Repairs

Sony PS4
1. PS4 HDMI port replacement :               45.00
2. PS4 W.L.O.D no video out:                   58.00
3. PS4 Not reading dics:                         45.00
Charge port power dc jack replacement     35.00
LCD screen replacement 15.5 - 17 inch      42.00 - 65.00
Stuborn virus removal                             30.00   

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