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Having Anti-virus software installed isn't a final solution

Computers have many paths for a virus infection, including the user.!!


If you still get a computer virus even with anti virus installed, then you may need to review anti virusyour computers security and make sure its not compromised by bad configuration or un-realized user actions putting the computer at risk of infection. Ask yourself these questions.



Am I using a free or paid version of anti-virus?

Did I install something that let the virus in?

Do i have too much protection or not enough?

Are there bad habits putting me at further risk, that I should change?


Am i using a free or paid versions of anti-virus? Many anti virus software vendors offer a free version in the hope of swaying users into buying their full version. The differences are varied between each software vendor, but very important. The free version will be running less protection methods than its full version.


Basically you get a virus scanner but with most of the active protection like active file scanning or email protection disabled. All the vendors differ in what they offer with their free version software, but the bottom line is, free versions don't have the full stretch of protection against the full versions.


Did I install something that let the virus in? It's very easy to do! there are hundreds of web sites out there designed specifically to infect computers by offering users free system tools and scanners which are bogus and which do more harm by opening doorways for trojans, in fact most of these bogus programs which you allow by installing, are trojans themselves.


If you authorize their installation you allow them to bypass certain security elements and install their bogus harmful components in to the system. Some of these components disable or cripple your Anti virus software installation.


If you get an email or web site recommending an alleged fabulous tool or utility, check it out by researching it on google before you even download or install it.


Even tool bars for web browsers that some web sites offer are either bogus or watching what you do for targeted advertising tac-tics. So research them as well first.


Do I have too much protection or not enough? This is a very common issue seen by pc engineers. Its where you go overkill with the security software you install to protect you and your computer. If you have allot of security set up on your computer you need to research issues such as what software doesn't work well together, and how can you configure certain software combinations not to conflict with each other.


It is not worth having 2 Anti-Virus programs installed as they will certainly conflict with each other causing system instability's and possibly preventing the efficiency of Anti-virus software. Firewall software sometimes comes with built in Anti virus protection and would clash with any other anti virus software installed.


Are there bad habits putting me at risk, that i should change? We all pick up bad habits along life's way, and the same goes for computer use. Switching off active components on anti virus software to get more speed out of the computer or not installing a firewall thinking the routers firewall is enough.


Downloading things (you know what) using P2P programs like limewire or emonkey or Vuze, where you download multiple streams of data from other computers sharing files, is putting you at risk from those sharing files which have virus infections.


Many key generators and patches used to get around registrations are often coded to install a virus or key logger when used. Many videos are coded with codecs that need a special player you have to download from a web site. which puts you in danger of drive-by-downloads and bogus software used to infect your computer.


Most anti-virus software will automatically update itself, but many users disable this feature so the system doesn't hang waiting for anti virus and other programs to collect any updates making you wait for your internet connection to speed up.


This is done by many of us and that's fine, except forgetting to do regular anti virus definition updates puts the system in further risk of infection, as new viruses and variants come out every day.


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