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Two serious security issues for Everyone.

By P.Hopkins (1 page)


A new security flaw has been found in the CPU chips made by Intel and AMD which will allow hackers and rouge programs to steel data from other running programs. This means passwords and log in details for any websites your web browser visits.


These Vulnerabilities are known as Spectre and Meltdown. Intel is at risk from both cpuspectre and meltdown flaws and AND is at risk from the spectre flaw which is the one that will take longer to work around.


Any information a program is processing can be leaked to bogus software running on your system,,, any system that is,, that's running on Intel and AMD cpu.


If you're using a word processor to write a private document with sensitive information in it, its at risk of being leaked to a rouge program looking to use cpu vulnerabilities to steel data.


Both companies are fast working on software and firmware solutions to protect consumers against the security risks, but all solutions come with a price,!!!


You could loose up to 30% of you're systems performance which for high end developers and media editors,, is a hard hit to take.


Some are saying its a scare tactic to force more upgrades to newer hardware and software, others say its all about the egenda to push windows 10 and latest hardware into full main stream use because its the new platform for the '' Internet of things'' which is going to be the platform of all human interactive-ness,,, and control!!!


There's even talk of this being a deliberate move in cpu development to allow organisations to spy and track people,, and that the cat got out of the bag!!!



Aside from all the conspiracy theorists,,, you will see a change in system performance and you will be at risk if you ignore it. BUT! Before this exploit can be used by hackers and viruses you're system must already be compromised.... in order for the rouge software to get past security and run itself....


So are you really at risk!!! well, as far as we're concerned,,, no more than you already are in today's world.. if hackers get in,,, its most likely they will get the info regardless of the flaws in today's cpu's.. so be smart and keep you're systems security tidy and up-to-date.


If you have windows 10, and don't want the update, you will struggle to stop the security update from going in and its not written in stone just yet, how much the update will slow down things... but the fix has to recompile any running programs so it will cause performance issues.


ARM and AMD chips are mainly effected by the Spectre vulnerability, but intel is suffering all of it,,,,













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