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Being more NetWise

By P.Hopkins (1 of 4)

You want your family members and your computer to all be safe whilst using the internet, (also known as 'the net' or 'world wide web'). After reading this it may seem like your giving away allot of your freedom just to be secure, for example not using certain websites to download from or having to use software that doesn't give what your used to getting.


The point here is be prepared to learn new ways, and don't fall back on old insecure habits, otherwise its pointless reading any farther.


''With the relentless constant development
of more powerful pc's and technology

comes the growth of better organized crime to use it''


So if you're ready to become more NetWise, we can start at the root of the problem... YOU! meaning we need to lay some rule's down which your computer can't really do for you, We'll start with some simple rules, and common sense to remember and use when on the internet. Then we'll cover some software and tools you can use to help with this.. After that, its a list of good resources to better guide you.


So moving on what rules should you set for yourself when on the internet? Here's (12) rules to think about and try and stick to.


...1. Never go to a website via links in any e-mails you receive unless you know who it is from, and trust them!

Many scams and mal ware tricks involve sending an e-mail that offers a free virus scanner or registry tool and a link to a website that has the information and file to download. When the website opens in your web browser, you are directed to a download page which tries to run a silent install of a trojan, or request's you to download a program that installs trojans when its first run.


These programs behave like what they say they are but often give false readings and results, pretending to scan and find errors or viruses on your system, when they are actually infecting your system further with mal ware and spy ware.


...2.Keep the 'preview pane' in your e-mail software closed.

Your e-mail software like 'IncrediMail' or maybe 'Windows Live mail' or even 'Mozilla ThunderBird' all have a preview pane which shows you some of the emails contents when it is selected in the InBox.


To show you the contents the email must still be opened, and infection is still possible if you don't have a good paid-for virus program that can also scan emails. Even then, not all virus scanners detect all the same infections So something could still get through.


The option to switch of the 'Preview pane' is usually in the (View) or (Tools/options) menu of your e-mail software.


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