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Safer Shopping on the Internet

By P.Hopkins (2 of 2)


Your computer is also at risk if you don't have good security software installed and kept up to date. You may already have a firewall or anti virus installed like Nortons(yuck!) or AVG or maybe Kasperskey anti virus. Some Anti virus software have built in firewall's also. safer shopping


Check your system over to make sure you have these installed, and if you don't checkout these websites for good security software companies that also offer free versions of their products.




Anti virus software













One more thing to cover... copy-cat websites are a growing concern. These sites mimic sites like Ebay or bank sites, basically sites that take card details or identity data. These sites don't normally stay live for long, but ten minutes is all it takes to unknowingly hand over your detail to criminals. uy from the likes of amazon or ebuyer, you never really know if the sites are safe or not.


You computers displays the Web address of the website that its currently on, and in that address is the clues to the authenticity of that site. By keeping an eye on the address bar you get know your banks web address and your favorite shops.


Keep a close eye on it when you enter into websites and make sure the address matches up. You can always open another tab in web browser and google for the site to be sure.


So lets summerise before we end.


1. Setup a credit card with a small credit limit for internet use.

2. Install a Key scrambler to stop any key loggers recording key strokes

3. Always check the web browsers address bar for a secure HTTPS:// connection

4. Use google to research any new un-common sites you want to shop on

5. Always try to use paypal on any auction sites and check for counterfeit signs

6.Make sure your computer is running good anti virus and firewall software

7.Keep a close eye on your web browsers address bar for copy-cat websites


If your not sure about any situation your up against on the internet try and google for more information and data on the authentic, reputation and reviews on what you want.


PCpetes hopes you found this helpful, and shop safely..


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