Windows XP lives on

You can still use XP for many things

Five common problems

Fix the most common problems easily

Backup your data

Computers can suddenly fail.. be prepared!

Why is my system so slow

Get some clues on how to speed it up

Repair My Recycle Bin

Lost icon or filed wont delete or freezes

Use a better file browser

Fact: Windows explorer is frustrating !

How to download video files

Find video on youtube or any other site and download them to your computer

Add extra Virus protection

Add more protection along side existing Anti virus software. Works in XP,VIsta,Win7 8

Remove old hidden drivers

Fix newly installed corrupted or un-stable hardware and software.

Good Mal/Spy Ware Scanners

Fix hard to remove infections and speed up Windows and protect privacy

XP support is over!!! What now!

Find options and choices for the future and ways to keep going for a while yet.

XP Recovery consol know how

Fix boot issues and recover the MBR and general use.

Repair your web search settings

Fix web browser search provider and home page un authorised changes.