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Ways to backup your data Part-2 of 2

Keep backups of your data or suffer the consequences


.4. Professional data backup softwarebackup data


If you like the pro solution and don't mind some technical doings, then try using partition software like Paragon or DriveImage. These software tools allow you to make a bootable disk giving you access to tools that can compress your data and back it up onto another hard drive or partition or DVD's.


The two mentioned titles above have File-browser tools allowing you to actually browse and copy files from the Archive data backup image. This is good as you don't have to restore to a chosen location before you can access a file.


.5. Windows-7 Users


If you have win-7 then you can use its Backup and restore utility, which lets you setup scheduled backups to locations on your computer or to external usb drive or even to DVDs.


If you are a Win-7 professional or ultimate user you can also backup to the internet, which is back to cloud storage again.


The utility will compress data but you will still need a sizable hard drive if using the system internal drive, not forgetting you may also have system restore points and other data backups on the drive if using this tool on a regular basis.


Final comments,

There are some other ways to backup data, such as usb pens or memory cards, but the 5 options covered cope best with large amounts of data.


Its up to you which methods you use to keep your data safe, but do choose one because with hard drives it can often happen suddenly without warning..


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