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Two ways to link to PCp.


Use the link form:

Fill out the Link form to submit your site, with your html code for PCpetes to link to your site. Please complete step.1 in the link form (linking to us first) as this will be automatically checked for existence when you submit your request.


Use the html code and images bottom of this page:

You may also right-click and download one of the images bellow for the sole purpose of linking to PCp or content related to PCp. HTML code is also supplied. Dont forget to send us your link details so we can link back to you're site.


Please use the Link form to request a site link to your site. PCpetes will need to validate your content and reciprocal link to us, making sure it's suitable. You will be mailed confirmation of added link. Please don't forget any registration details we may need if a log-in is required.


Mail Pete@pcpetes.co.uk with your link request which will be dealt with promptly.



For completeness, here's some text link code

Home Page

<a href="http://www.pcpetes.co.uk">PCpetes</a>


Articles index page

<a href=" http://www.pcpetes.co.uk/Articles/index.php ">PCpetes:Articles</a>



Of course you are welcome to link to any articles on this site, by your own means.



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