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Local to Yate, Bristol.
Call within hours only.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most questions

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Q. Do you give free advice over the phone?

A. Yes. sometimes this helps us to avoid trips out to simple quick fixes, such as a loose mouse lead or blown plug fuse. A reputation of being fair and avoiding un necessary cost is desirable for pcpetes.


Q. Do you repair Xbox or Play station consoles?

A.Yes. We do both, but reliable parts for PS3 and xbox fats are becoming harder to get.


Q. Do you repair laptop power sockets?

A. Yes. A full power test is done before and after including all cables plugs and power unit.


Q. Do you have call-out fees?

A. Yes. We no longer travel outside a 5 mile radius of Yate for collection or drop off for repairs, but we do have call out fees for project work outside our 5 mile radius.


Q. Do you have a shop?

A. No. PCpetes does not sale computer goods, only services and some accessories if required such as mouse and keyboards or parts used for repairs. We work from home with a fully kitted out workshop and very high skill levels.


Q. Can you fix laptop screens?

A. Yes. any make or model. PCpetes also uses the new gloss easy clean screens where ever possible and charges a fixed fee plus screen at cost price with no mark up.


Q. What payments do you accept?

A.PCpetes takes cash or cheque's or Bank transfers (fast payments) and Credit-Debit cards on chip-n-pin. You can also be invoiced with a link to paypal payment portal.


Q. Can I bring my computer to you?

A. Yes. PCp welcomes visitors by appointment so we can make sure someone's there for you if out on call. The address is 68 Cranleigh Court rd, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5DJ.


Q. How long would it take to fix my computer?

A. It's always best done at the workshop for repair where there's better resources. Usually 2 days for repairs unless parts are needed, then it can take up to 5 days to complete the repair especially if a part such as cpu or motherboard or ram are needed, as there are too many variations in specifications to stock all parts. Hard drives and sockets( usb / power / sound ) and graphics cards are stocked.


Q. Do you do insurance quotes?

A. Yes. We charge £10 for a detailed document with full repair break down and cost.


Q. Can you upgrade windows or supply windows?

A.Yes. Any system from Vista to latest system.


Q. Do you supply Network cables?

A.Yes. Only on large installation projects for wifi. in house networking and cctv.


Q. Can i leave my system over a holiday period or long length of time?

A.Yes. Any system that can't be collected for a while goes into safe storage until you are ready. Any abandoned system in storage for over 4 months will be moved to long term storage and letter sent out requesting collection, or surrender form sent out if item is non-repairable and no longer wanted.


Any items in storage for more than 12 months will be stripped for spares or sold to reclaim any losses subject to notifying you..


Q. Can i post my tablet to you for repair?

A.Yes. contact us first with your details and nature of repair.

Mon - Fri. 9:00-5:30

Sat 09:30 - 3:00

Sun - Closed

Call within hours only.

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