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Customer data safe policies

Your data is personal and private!

It stays that way.. PERIOD! some clients require strict practices in confidentiality

safe data

Sometimes when your computer gets in trouble, you have to trust an IT engineer with your data and personal files. PCpetes is run by one individual who has very strict data practices and policies in place.


Here is a list of questions asked by customers who have been worried about the safety and maintained privacy, of their data when computers are taken for repair. Where ever possible PCpetes will leave your hard drive and personal data with you and take the remainder for repair.


  1. Can I keep my hard drive with me if you take the computer away?
    1. Only if the drive is not at fault or windows / linux does not need repairing.
    2. Any other scenarios.. yes you can keep the drive with you and that choice is always offered where possible.
    3. Many boot failures can be fixed within the hour on your premises with no need to access system data.
  2. What about family photos and Ipod music i don't want others viewing?
    1. If you need a complete data safe service you can request a Home service which will cost more and mean an attendance of up to 5 hours. Remember only one person will ever see or work on your computer when at work shop and there is a client confidentiality rule with all work contracts.
    2. You can also opt for a data backup, before repair (if drive is functional) were all your 're vital and private data is put onto media that you keep and then the documents video and other personal folders on system are wiped of data. You witness this all take place before removal of system. A backup service combined with a repair service is only an additional £15.00 to cost.
  3. What about when computers are left unattended?
    1. The workshop has one way in and out, and also has a 6 digit code lock on the entrance known only by one person.
  4. How do you dispose of hard drives or do i get my old one back?
    1. If you have a drive replaced you get your old one back
    2. You can request the old drive be desecrated beyond recovery for a small fee if the data is high profile or just extremely private to you. The discs inside the drive will be removed and surfaces ground down edge to edge. If the drive has flash memory it will be super heated and burnt out beyond recovery.

Overall, Customer confidentiality is paramount to PCpetes and you will receive a signed statement of data privacy and practices, should the computer be taken for repair.


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Call within hours only.

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