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Local to Yate, Bristol.
Call within hours only.


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fantastic service and value

PC Desktop / Tower Repairs

Computer services and support. Call for Advice or Repair


PC Desktop Repair Price: £30.00

Fixed fee. No hourly rates. (Excludes any Parts) Computer repairs


PCP covers a 4 mile radius from Yate with free call-out.


If repairs or work is on site and not in workshop, a £17ph charge excluding parts applies

All repair work has a 6 month guarantee against defects and not user damage

Could it be something simple?

Work your way through the Trouble Shooter before you call. It may be a simple fix with no need for a visit.


Windows 10 systems upgraded from older windows os, can not have motherboard or cpu upgrades as it will invalidate the windows license and activation. You will have to pay for a license online or for a oem install of Windows home or pro by engineer.




Some of the work PCpetes can do;

  1. Full diagnostics of power supply and motherboard.
  2. Resolve overheating issues.
  3. Upgrade or replace Memory and or Graphics abilities.
  4. Re-install or upgrade windows.
  5. Remove stubborn viruses and root kit infections.
  6. Recover data from hard drives that still spin with working heads.
  7. Replace or repair usb and power slots.
  8. Upgrade hard drive plus Migrating windows to new bigger drive.
  9. Install WiFi into desktop / laptop and configure it.
  10. Add additional internal hard drives (even when full).
  11. Add or Upgrade CD/DVD Drives.
  12. CPU upgrades (dependant on motherboards abilities).
  13. CPU, graphics, Chip-set, Bios and sound chip replacements.
  14. Sound, ethernet, hdmi, PS2, and vga socket replacements.
  15. WiFi and Network diagnostics.
  16. CCTV 4 to 12 channel PC installation setup and Camera installation.
  17. Password reset, removal and recovery.
  18. Resolve un-stable systems (rebooting, freezing, slow, blue screens)
  19. Email, Web browser and internet problems.
  20. Data migration from old to new systems.
  21. Bios chip flashing / replacement without motherboard.


Mon - Fri. 9:00-18:00

Sat 09:30 - 16:30

Sun - 09:30 - 14:00

Thu - 09:00 - 7pm

Call within hours only.

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