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Mouse and Keyboard problems

It's possible you may be able to fix it yourself

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Applies to desktopmouse and keyboard


Mouse has stopped working but keyboard is ok


Keyboard wont work


Keyboard keys don't correspond to what's on the screen


Two letters showing on screen with keys in certain rows on keyboard


Applies to Laptops


Keyboard keys don't correspond to what's on the screen



  1. Mouse has stopped working but keyboard is ok

    1. Follow the mouse lead back to the computer and check the plug is correctly seated , while your there check all the plugs. If your mouse has a round plug on the end its a PS2 connection and you may need to restart the computer after pushing plug back in.

      If the plug is flat, then its a usb plug and the mouse should start about 5 seconds after pushing plug back in.
    2. If it's a usb mouse try it on another computer first. you don't need to remove the other computers mouse, just plug it in, wait for windows to install it and see if it works.
    3. If the mouse and keyboard are wireless, check all the batteries. You may also need to re-sync the keyboard and mouse to the wireless receiver that came with it. There should be a button under the keyboard for re-syncing the connection.
    4. If you just have a wireless mouse check its batteries and the other part that connects to computer. Try re-installing the drivers for your cordless mouse. You may also need to re-sync the mouse by pressing the re-sync button underneath the mouse.
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  2. Keyboard won't work

    1. Again check all cables and plugs. if its wireless check the batteries and try re-syncing the keyboard via a button underneath it.
    2. Re-installing the drivers may solve the issue
    3. Move the keyboard close to the receiver and re-sync it. If it works but fails when you move away from the receiver and you have good batteries, then the receiver may be faulty.
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  3. Keyboard keys don't correspond to what's on the screen (also applies to laptop)

    1. If you are pressing the '@' key and getting speech marks ' " ' then the systems locale for keyboard is set to the wrong country.

      To change it (XP); Click start - Control panel - double click International and language settings - click the language tab - click details - Add British(UK) to the list, then select it as the default. Click on ok, then restart windows.
    2. In VISTA; Click start - Control panel - double click Regional and language options - select the keyboards and languages tab - click on Change keyboards - Click Add scroll down to English(United Kingdom) - click check box for United kingdom - click Ok - in Text services dialog use the drop menu to select English(United kingdom) - click on Ok - Restart windows
  4. Two letters showing on screen with keys in certain rows on keyboard

    1. Check keyboard drivers for any updates especially if cordless or blue tooth.
    2. Try a different usb/ps2 keyboard to confirm if other one is faulty
    3. update virus software and scan system as several viruses are known to attack keyboard drivers and software.
    4. if all above fails, try troublesome keyboard on a different computer.
    5. if all the above fail, download sandraSYS hardware diagnostics tool and see what it finds.
    6. If this is a laptop keyboard,
      1. try cleaning with air line or compressed aerosol.
      2. Try removing keyboard but leaving ribbon cable connected, and gently bend the keyboard whilst pressing any of the faulty keys. If it suddenly works, replace the keyboard their cheap to buy..
      3. Make sure keyboard drivers are up to date.
      4. If possible try a different power supply as some times the voltage output changes when the power supply is faulty.
      5. Try a usb keyboard in the laptop, if that works fine then either laptop keyboard or motherboard are failing. Best to persist with a usb one.
    7. None of the above working on both desktop or laptop may indicate a bios virus or failing motherboard.


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