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Power and Battery problems (Desktop / Laptop)

It's possiple you may be able to fix it yourself

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Desktop power issuespower supplies


I press power button and PC starts but shuts down seconds after


I press power button and constantly nothing happens




Laptop issues


Battery won't charge


Laptop will not power up and battery is flat


Laptop will not charge but does work with power supply


Laptop won't power up. Fan and light comes on but nothing else





  1. Battery won't charge

    1. Remove battery and check contact pins are not broke on battery or laptop. If batt pins are broken buy new one. If pins on laptop are broken book it in for repair.
    2. Check battery is correctly seated in dock and locked in place.
    3. In some cases the power adapter /charger is failing and disrupts charging.
    4. If you have access to a test meter check the battery charge terminals on the laptop to see if there is a volts reading between 2 - 3 Volts. If not the charge circuit inside laptop has developed a fault, and laptop needs repairing.
    5. Remove battery and power adaptor. Hold down power button for 15 seconds. Plug only the power adapter into laptop and power on. If starts shut down laptop, remove adaptor, plug in battery and adaptor then power on and shut down again and leave to charge.
    6. If none of the above worked, you may need a new battery.
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  2. Laptop will not power up and battery is flat

    1. plug in power supply and hold down power button whilst gently wiggling power plug at laptop end. If you get a brief moment of power or it starts up, you may have a break in the cable close to the small jack plug, or the power socket in laptop is faulty and needs replacing.
    2. If you are able to try the power supply on another laptop and it works, this will verify the laptop has an internal fault and needs booking in for repair.
  3. Laptop will not charge but does work with power supply

    1. Check if pins are straight or missing on battery and laptop battery dock.
    2. Is your power light flashing rapidly or at set long intervals or a different colour? If so, power- down and remove battery, then hold down power button for 10 seconds, and then replace battery and power-up laptop. IF this fixes the problem it may happen again at a later date which indicates battery is failing and will completely fail in time.
  4. Laptop won't power up. Fan and light comes on but nothing else

    1. Try plugging an external monitor into laptops vga port, if you get video out, then screen may need replacing, or screen inverter if an older laptop.
    2. Also try removing battery and power lead, then holding down power button for ten seconds, then replacing only the power lead and trying laptop. If works this may just be static build up on the motherboard and laptop should be serviced to clean out all the inside. If this problem comes-and-goes the motherboard may be failing.
    3. Open the memory cover (small one) under laptop and remove one of the modules then try turning laptop on, if nothing replace and remove the other and try again. If it works at some point then could be ram failure.

      1. Also try removing both ram modules and turning on, if you get beeps that's a good sign, but no beeps indicates a motherboard or cpu issue.
    4. Un plug any external usb devices. Remove hard drive find small screw under laptop that holds dvd drive and then remove dvd drive. Remove Network cable if in use. Try starting laptop, if still no power up, then there is a fault on the motherboard which needs booking in for repair.

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  1. I press power button and PC starts but shuts down seconds after

    1. take the side panel off and set up a fan to blow into case, switch fan on and wait ten minutes, then power on PC, if this works it is most likely the cpu heat sink fan not working, or the thermal paste between cpu and heat sink has caked up and needs re-doing.
    2. Do you hear some beeps just before it shuts down? If you do there is a hardware fault and the hardware needs to be diagnosed by a PC engineer.
    3. Does the PC start up fine some times but not others? If so, the power supply may be failing and needs testing.
    4. If you get to see the windows logo and windows starts loading before it shuts down, there cold be errors in the systems registry or boot files which will need checking. A system restore point may resolve it.
    5. If you have allot of usb devices (including hubs) and any other (non- self powered) external devices like web cams / led lights / hard drives, remove them all from the sockets and any other devices not vital to computer. If you get a more stable power flow after doing this, then your power supply is insufficient for powering all the devices plugged into pc. It may be failing or just a crappy spec power supply that needs upgrading to one with better output.

      If you can get power supplies for the external devices those devices will put less strain on the PC's power supply.
    6. There may be a fault in MS windows system that's causing windows to shut down. If you normally get to see the windows start up logo, try pressing F8 on startup and running in safe mode. If this works, google for how to use the system config tool for diagnostics as this tool allows you to temporally disable many system functions and change settings that will help isolate the problem.

      If you are familiar with device manager try booting into safe-mode and disabling any non-vital hard ware and restarting system. if it starts up re-enable the hardware bit by bit restarting windows each time until you find what's causing the instability.
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  2. I press power button and constantly nothing happens

    1. Check all cables and fuses first, just incase!!!
    2. Try a different power cable in back of tower case, sometimes the cable breaks inside right by the plug. This is common in tower case's that are pushed up against a wall or desk backing or something constantly bending the cable.
    3. If you are confident enough to remove the front panel, locate the power switch and short the two connections on the back, if system powers up, you need a replacement micro switch.
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