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Screen Display

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I get a fuzzy ghostly display on desktop monitorbroken monitor


Desktop/Laptop display is upside-down or not right way up


Picture has a curved line through it which changes the angle of picture either side


LAPTOP: Screen is blank & computer starts up with sound and power light and drive light flickering.


Desktop screen goes blank after windows starts up


Blank screen with fan and power light (Dead Start)




  1. I get a fuzzy ghostly like display on desktop monitor back to top

    1. You may have a non-shielded Display cable. Check around the cable and make sure it has no knots in it or overlaps itself. Check the cable doesn't run close to signal wave admitting devices like mobile phones / battery chargers / speakers / most electrical devices..
    2. If you recently fitted the display cable check all the pins on the end as they can get bent and miss the wholes.
    3. Check for a break or snag in the cable which may indicate a broken wire inside the cable and so needs replacing.
    4. Try another cable if you can. If you have speakers near the screen, move them away. Temporarily move the monitor as far from its normal location as cable will allow, If things clear up then something is interfering with the screen.
    5. If it does not clear up then the internal video chips are failing and a replacement is imminent
    6. Make sure your graphics drivers a up to date, and the the settings are using a resolution the monitor can support.
  2. Desktop/Laptop display is upside-down or not right way up back to top

      1. You've accidentally touched the short cut keys to rotate the desktop. Some graphics cards and laptop graphics chips support extra functions and you can find them in control panel - Display settings. The keys are Ctrl+Alt+Any Arrow keys. You hold down Alt and Ctrl keys, then press on arrow keys to rotate the desktop.

        This was designed for using over head projectors where you need to put video through upside down so projector shows it right way up. back to top

  3. Picture has a curved line through it which changes the angle of picture either side back to top

    1. Gently run your finger across the line, if you can feel it slightly raised, you have a hair-line crack in the lcd panel inside the screen. On rare occasions a fine crack still allows the screen to work well either side of the crack. If its a laptop its fixable, if its a monitor its not worth fixing, buy a new one.
  4. LAPTOP: Screen is blank & computer starts up with sound and power light and drive light flickering. back to top

    1. If its a laptop the screen may be faulty, hold it up to the light when running and carefully look to see if lcds are still showing a faint image of what's going on.The lcd back-light may be faulty.
    2. Sometimes there is a switch either in the hinge area or on top the laptop, when the lid is shut the switch shuts off the screen. Some times theses switches can stick or stop working. Fiddle with switch and if you get screen working, go into windows power saving settings and set Lid closed settings to nothing. Book laptop in for switch replacement.
    3. Also on laptops try using the VGA or HD video out by connecting a monitor to the laptop. If is works change the power saving settings so Lid Closed is doing nothing. If screen is still blank after a re-start the video chip or screen may be faulty. Screen is replaceable.
    4. If none of above worked, the video chip is most likely faulty. The laptop may be over heating which can cause some chips connections to separate from the motherboard inside the laptop. This cant always be fixed cheaply but performing a re-seating method using heat can sometimes do the trick. if it doesn't work you only pay for call out fee (max £5)
  5. Desktop screen goes blank after windows starts up back to top

    Check all the cables first just incase.!!!

    1. This may be the system using generic drivers until video drivers are loaded which then produces a fault either in the video driver installed files or Video card if one is installed.
    2. Try re-installing video drivers. If that fails ground yourself by touching an earth'ed pipe to remove static from your body and remove the tower case side Panel and move your graphics card to a different pci or pci-e slot. If its an AGP slot (normally only one) try to fit the card in a different computer to see if it works. If it doesn't work, you have your answer.
    3. For some odd reason the system may have been set to a resolution the monitor does not support. Try starting the computer and continuously tapping F8 until the safe-mode menu shows itself, if you get a boot menu just select the hard drive and keep tapping F8 again then select start in safe mode. It will look horrible but if the display works you then know the problem is with display settings or driver files.

      Check your graphics card manual (if you have one) for pre-boot keyboard short cuts that set graphics to minimal settings if detected. When you find out what they are re start keep pressing those keys until windows or linux has started..
  6. Blank screen with fan and power light (Dead start) back to top
    1. This could be post-boot failure due to bad ram or a fault on the motherboard such as separated graphics chip that needs re balling. If you have two ram chips in laptop try removing one and starting laptop again. If it runs, buy new ram.
    2. The remaining option is to have the motherboard tested and graphics chip re balled if needed. Book in laptop for repair.
    3. It may also be a faulty CPU which means option 2




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