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Slow running computer (Desktop / Laptop)

It's possiple you may be able to fix it yourself

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Desktop running very slow


Only runs fast when in safe-mode


Runs slow regardless who's logged in or what mode




Laptop running very slow


Only runs fast when in safe-mode


Runs slow regardless who's logged in or what mode


Additional issues





Desktop / Laptop (applies to both)

  1. Only runs fast in safe-mode

    1. When windows runs in Safe-mode, it only loads the most basic and vital system drivers, so to start with check for updates on any drivers for your primary hardware such as motherboard chip set and graphics card if have one fitted.
    2. Try running in normal mode with as much hardware as possible unplugged such as web cams, external drives and other usb devices. if speed and stability improves gradually plug each item back after running system for 10 min's, and reboot after each item is plugged in.
    3. You may have vital live-scanning services running from your Anti-virus and mal/spy-ware, that are clashing with each other. Make sure you are not connected to the internet and boot up with anti virus disabled to see if things improve. If they do keep main virus services running and find the security program and services that are clashing with current anti virus installation.

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  2. Runs slow regardless who's logged in or what mode
    1. Use windows built in drive tools to check hard disk for errors as this can slow down windows if the drive has allot of bad sectors. Also check the drive for file-system fragmentation as badly fragmented drives take windows longer to read/write data. If you have windows 7 this should be taken care off.
    2. Monitor your hard drive data light, if it stays on constantly, check the amount of ram you have installed, If its 1 - 2 gig with vista or win-7, it may be a windows service called superfetch which is meant to load all your most used programs into ram to speed things up, but often it gets this wrong, and many users are now disabling SuperFetch and installing a third party basic tool that re-stacks the ram at intervals. With 4 or less gig of ram installed this issue may still accrue, and its best to have an engineer run test's on ram and SuperFetch to either re set it or change its settings. It is not advisable to disable SuperFetch
    3. Check the fans and any heat sinks inside the case, as processors will drop to a lower speed if they start to run over a threshold temperature. Some won't do this and instead will just struggle until sudden death accrues.
    4. There may be a root-kit virus infection which has found its way in. Many viruses take over system resources and use them to attack other computers on the internet. Monitor you internet connection to see if its highly active when your not using the computer.
    5. If speed issues happen mostly when a web browser is open, there might be a browser plug-in that needs updating or disabling due to it becoming unstable.

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    Laptops only


  3. Runs slow regardless who's logged in or what mode
    1. If you use laptop on your lap allot, make sure your knee or leg isn't covering a primary vent under laptop. If vent gets blocked the laptop can over heat in matter of seconds. The CPU will slow down to protect itself, but the video chip is normally the first to go. Video chips can sometimes be re-balled by an engineer to get them working again but this is not always successful, and they cant always be replaced, meaning a dead laptop.
    2. Check the side or rear vent for thick dust by shining a touch into it, and if it's clogged up, try sucking most of it out with a hoover. If you cant get it all out, have an engineer clean it properly as this involves stripping laptop down and removing the cooling system and using new thermal pads when replacing cooling system, not forgetting the risk of body static discharge damaging the motherboard if not done by a professional..

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