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Virus removal and viral damage repair.

Advice and guidance when infected by high risk viruses and mal/ad ware

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Getting a virus is a nasty affair....anti virus

Hackers and malicious software designers are using ever more clever techniques to steal your data or identity, in a bid to either make money or perhaps sell your information to others.


PCpetes has requested that you read this page due to high risk infections found on your laptop or desktop PC.


Ii is vital that you follow the advice on this page in order to reduce the risk of valuable data getting into the wrong hands. That data could include banking details, credit card details and bank or credit card website log in details, also other valued log in details such as facebook twitter or paypal.



how its done


I have Anti-virus software, why am I infected?


Follow the guide lines bellow promptly as soon as possible.


  1. Change log in details for ALL valued sites especially banking sites.
  2. Inform you're bank and credit card supplier that you want cards stopped, and renewed due to your security being compromised. They may suggest your account is closed and a new one setup so account number is changed.
  3. If you do allot of banking and use internet allot, make sure you have good strong anti virus software on a paid version such as Avast, AVG or Nortons.
  4. Computer Viruses will infect usb flash pen drives and external hard drives, so use you're paid anti virus software to scan ALL external media used.
  5. Any DVDs or CDs you have burnt in the past 2 months may have infections embedded in some files. You cant heal or remove the viruses from this type of media but you can still scan it for infections so that you know,,, and can act on it.
  6. Some viruses access your contacts list and save it for use later. This means friends and family may receive emails form you about buying things or downloading software.

    Thinking it's from you,, they may end up trusting malicious and unsafe software downloads or web site links sent via email. So,, let friends know so they have a heads-up just incase this happens. They can still open your mails and links that you explicitly mention you sent.

  7. If friends and family keep mentioning they received weird emails from you, and this happens for more than 3 weeks, it would be best to setup new email accounts and abandon the compromised one.

  8. High risk infections involve malicious proxy-server setups.... A proxy server is a computer setup as a server to receive internet access request from other computers. Viruses can change your system settings to use a proxy server that scammers and malicious bodies have setup. This means they see everything you do over the internet unless its using encryption like banks and high profile social media site use.
  9. Key-loggers are also a part of high risk infections and they record all the keys pressed and send it as a text file to another system or email account or setup proxy server. This file will of course contain all keys pressed when entering passwords, account numbers and other private data.

    It doesn't matter if the banking site your on is using encryption because the key logger acts and records the second you press a key.

Signs of a Virus infection

Read some of the known symptoms bellow and see if there recognizable to you.


Slow running system

Viruses can slow down windows and even steal your internet connection using your system to attack other computers which slows down your internet experience.



Viruses can cause Pop-ups with false warnings asking you to download a scanner or some tool that claims to fix the problems. The download will be useless only causing more problems. You should never give credit card details in these scenarios.


Denial of service attacks also known as D.O.S attacks

Viruses can stop your web browser from accessing the internet, and can also cause other events to trigger when the browser is launched. Example: you run your browser and pop-ups start occurring or the same message placed in centre of screen when web browser runs. This often effects all current web browsers installed all at the same time although some viruses do target internet explorer and firefox.


System instabilities and freezing

Viruses can gradually attack and corrupt windows system files causing windows to develop problems such as windows freezing and programs not working. CD rom drives can also be effected opening on their own accord or worse case having their firm-ware corrupted rendering the drive useless. (we can restore most dvd drive firmware)


Sporadic program stop and starts

Viruses can also cause programs to suddenly close or run by themselves. Some viruses scan and run all programs in the start menu at startup causing windows to lock up before its finished starting up.


Hard drive waste or rapid loss of free space

Viruses can also duplicate large-sized programs and files to the point that the computer cannot handle the files, causing Disk space to become overloaded, causing frequent computer crashes and 'Out of memory' errors, or saying memory is low.


Web site blocking and web browser re-directing

Viruses can stop your browser from accessing a stored list of anti-virus software web sites. You may also find the web browser keeps zipping of to the same web site all the time, that's advertising malicious software.


Friends in Mail Contacts complaining about e-mails you sent... but you didn't..!!!

Some viruses scan your contacts list in messenger and other mail programs, then send multiple emails to your contacts advertising software or worse trying to direct them to a web site with bogus harmful downloads. Advertising trojans can also do this sending mail contacts adverts for viagra or other pharmaceuticals.


Dead-start / Black screen no boot up / 'Invalid system disk' error

A virus can attack the boot files that windows uses in the start up process so windows is un able to boot / start up. The MBR a special location on the hard drive can be wiped by a virus so that windows is unable to read the partitions and drive information needed to use the hard drive which also stops windows starting and reports boot errors such as..


'No Boot partition' or 'invalid system disk' or 'unable to load boot loader' or 'Fatal disk error'


Dead slow system and internet connection

A virus can take over your internet connection and add your computer to a network of computers used to attack other systems. Google for "malicious bot-nets"


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