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Local to Yate, Bristol.
Call within hours only.


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fantastic service and value

Home Installations

Covers all the average household needs and more. Get your new system or broadband connection off to a good start and secured.

home install

PCPetes can sort out everything, with a smooth setup giving you the perfect start with your new system. Everything is checked for security and stability


Cables, sockets, part-wired networking, Signal testing and network security and more, all done for you.


Home Installation

Price: £30.00 fixed fee

Any sockets cabling and hardware supplied and fitted is an additional cost.


Call for more advice or booking;

Small call out fee if outside our area. check here (opens in new tab)


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Setting up your WiFi router --- Being NetWise -- Protect your ID -- Safer internet shopping


Home Installation and what's offered (est 2.5 hours)

  1. Discuss where to install system
    1. Discuss where its going and any cables/sockets to add.
    2. Prepare necessary tools and hardware.

  2. Inventory of what to install
    1. This covers PC / Sound system / Printer / Router / Modem / Scanner / Camera / up to 4 items of new Software / Security check / Software & windows updates / Web cam / mouse.

  3. Security check
    1. Review of systems installed security covering Firewall / Anti virus / updates.
    2. Checking router setup is secure and no unauthorized connections are possible.
    3. Offering Mac-Address security method router setup.

  4. 15 Minute discussion on best practices.
    1. We run through 5 important practices to follow for personal and internet safety and keeping your computer safe and secure.

  5. All trial software removed from computer and any purchased software installed
    1. You'll get advice on what's installed and if its worth keeping.
    2. The software will be tested for any conflicts and resolved.


Mon - Fri. 9:00-18:00

Sat 09:30 - 16:30

Sun - 09:30 - 14:00

Thu - 09:00 - 7pm

Call within hours only.

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