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Local to Yate, Bristol.
Call within hours only.


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fantastic service and value

Laptop Repairs

All parts supplied carry supplier / manufacturers guarantee .

All repair work has a 6 month guarantee against defects and not user damage


If you keep getting pop-ups, have a very slow system or perhaps it just won't startup, pcpetes can help. Replacing broken screens, keyboards, dvd drives, usb slots, power sockets and all windows issues from viruses to freezing and more.


General Repair Price: £30
Fixed. No hourly rates. (Excludes any Parts)


For repairs such as:

Virus removal and system repair - Casing and lid plastic welding - Windows re-installation - Slow running and crashing or blue screens - Over heating - System migration to bigger hard drive - USB / HDMI port replacement.


Power Jack Repair Price: £35
Fixed. No hourly rates. (Includes jack socket)

PCP can replace jack sockets on laptops, and in some cases the whole cable and jack plug on power chargers. So if the kids ran through the house dragging your power cable with them..!

Don't panic! Here it can be professionally fixed using quality new parts.


Laptop Full Service £35

Over Heating £25Full service


You should get your laptop serviced once a year. It will extend the life of the laptop and reduce the risk of motherboard static-build-up and graphics failure.

More info


Dead starts (blank screen) £40Graphics chips

Fixed. No hourly rates. (Excludes any Parts)



Fan comes on, sometimes hard drive spins up, screen blank and/or power light flashing. If nothing comes on, it still may be fixable, get the power supply(charger) tested first or pop in and we will check it for free.


Laptop's have a 90% repair success rate. On rare occasions parts on the motherboard itself can't be replaced or 2nd hand board found New motherboards are usually costly, so options would be carefully reviewed with you first.

Smashed /cracked / broken screen (price includes fitting)


10.1 - 11.6 inch (No touch sense)..................... £50

14 - 17 inch (No touch sense)............................£65

Touch screens 14 - 17 inch................................Call for model pricing




Large dark spot on screen, Black sludge on screen when touched or moved. Thin horizontal lines. Screen is very dark and won't go brighter. Back light comes on but no picture. If touch screen may get random ghost touch causing apps and services open at random.



Keyboard Repair / replacement: £28.00laptop keyboards
Fixed fee. 2-3 days as too many types to stock all, so ordered in..


Single key repair £3.50 per key (2-3 days as most keys are ordered in and not stocked)


Pay Deposit for parts on Device-not-present repair


Parts between 10.00 to 50.00 = 25.00 deposit

Parts between 50.00 to 100.00 = 35.00 deposit

Parts between 100.00 to 200.00 = 50.00 deposit



If you don't know the cost of part being ordered on you're behalf please call before continuing.


Click the buy now button and enter correct amount based on table above.


You can pay with a paypal account or debit/credit card via the paypal secure payment system.













Call for more advice or repair

01454 - 329237

07774 - 013249

User's Data ( Photos, Documents, Music ).!!!!

You are responsible for making sure all your important data such as music video photos and office documents are backed up safely before PCP commences with repairs.

If data requires backing-up and is an excessive amount over 20-gig, a requested backup service can be done.

All data recovered or backed up is placed on an isolated NAT or usb drive that is wiped and over written within 1-2 days.

It is not possible to serve any request for copies of files from said data once repair is complete.




Mon - Fri. 9:00-5:30

Sat 09:30 - 3:00

Sun - Closed

Call within hours only.

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All contact with us via website is strictly for customer requirements and deleted when no longer needed.


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020 8432 3242

Head office: London

Based in Bristol




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