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When we service a PlayStion 4 console, we strip it down to the last screw, nothing is left intact. Every part is cleaned spotless and shiny.



We replace all 16 thermal pads for ram chips, and use artic silver ceramic thermal paste which is amongst the best for heat dissipation.


The copper thermal shims on heat-sink are skimmed to remove metal oxidation and improve thermal conductivity from chip to air-flow mesh.



The power unit is stripped and cleaned if needed. The fan is cleaned out and baring's greased or complete fan replacement. After partial reassembly the PS4 is fired up and motherboard is tested for hot-spots primarily around ram chips and any power related components on the motherboard.


Hot-spots on ram chips can indicate bga solder failing from solder cracks due to heat expanding and shrinking the motherboard or PS4 being badly knocked or dropped, causing electrical resistance making the chip hotter than need be. If we find this, and a service hasn't improved the temperatures enough, we will ask you if you want a reflow procedure preformed on ram which will add £10 to the service cost to cover the consumables.


Of course if we find the ps4 to be ok dirt wise, but still running hot, we go straight to thermal testing chips and notify you that chip bga re soldering is required. This happens in 3-4 out of every 10 consoles done.



To the left is the bottom of motherboard showing the 8 ram chips around the CXD cgpu chip. The pads on top dry out after long term heat and usage, they sometimes crack apart or just degrade over time.


The big chip in the centre CXD chip is the PS4's power house which does computing and all 3d graphics, and generates most of the heat.


The cdx is where the ceramic thermal paste will go for maximum heat dissipation away from chip and console.


We use special formulated liquid flux to reform and condition solder under chips, removing any cracks in the solder joints.


If we still get hot spots on a ram chip after reflowing solder we remove the chip and replace it with new chip and solder.


We have an excellent success rate for fixing Over Heating issues because we use good quality parts and consumables. We don't care if it makes us a little more expensive because we are proof in concept to the saying ''You get what you pay for''



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Call within hours only.

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