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Local to Yate, Bristol.
Call within hours only.


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Family Home run Business with Fully kitted out workshop
and excellent proven track record


xbox and Wii repairs

All repair work has a 6 month guarantee against defects
but not user damage

PCPetes always uses high quality materials and parts.

If you can't see your repair type bellow, call and book in for free diagnostics.

All parts used carry a 6 month guarantee against defects and not user damage.
If we can't fix it you pay £5 diagnostics fee,, nothing else....

We Don't like taking on d.i.y repairs

Repair times and Process

Playstation 4 error codes and explinations

Have no video on PS4 after repair? reset video output!

In stand-by (orange light) hold power button down for 5 seconds or until it beeps then let go and wait for console to reset video out. Instructions here you can also power on and hold power button until 2-beeps to enter safe mode and reset video there.

xbox slim overheatingFull Service( good for overheating)  £30.00

Crashes or hangs in dashboard or games. Fan constantly on high. Sometimes you get random shut-downs.
Flashing red light (overheating) . More Info and full description

Will be contacted if replacement parts needed, sometimes a fan at additional £8 total £38.00

xbox dvd jammingDVD jams or not ejecting or random ejects£25.00

disc won't go in, or come out. scraping noise on insert or eject. Disk comes straight back out on insert. If any gears are damaged the complete drive may need replacing. Eject button does nothing with no beep.


xbox dvd jammingController not charging£22.00

Thumb stick replacement: £22.00

Button replacement: £6.00

Button Inner electrics repair: £22.00

Usually we replace battery, and sometimes power ic chip, any other issues are assessed as a worth while repair or not.

xbox dvd jammingUpdate and Firmware errors£15.00

You get errors CE-30784-2 , SU-30645-8

Warning: if ps4's not recoverable a reinstallation is done overwriting all data on drive, but we always attempt to recover game saves. sometimes a failing hard drive corrupting files needs replacing at £58 for 500gb and full install.


See our extensive error code and solutions Page

xbox dvd jammingHDMI port replacement£38.00 to £48

HDMI port ripped out or has damaged pins inside.

We use superior ver 2.0 hdmi ports. Any further damage found inside the console, you will be consulted. sometimes hdmi ic chip blows when ports pins short, ,and is additional £10.00), just ic chip is £45

xbox dvd jammingUSB port replacement£45.00

USB port ripped out or pins inside damaged. We can replace the port to the highest standards and quality of workmanship using genuine Sony parts reclaimed from donor consoles.


xbox dvd jammingFlashing blue light or Dead no power£58

Turns on then off,, dead no power,, turns on for 3-6 seconds then turns off.


If constant flashing blue light it may not be worth fixing

xbox dvd jammingWhite light no video out£48.00

HDMI port may look fine, you've tried other hdmi cables with no luck. PS4 lights behave normal but with no video out. You've tried a different tv with no success.


This is often a blown HDMI IC encoder chip and/or blown components inside ps4 related to HDMI inner circuit.

xbox dvd jammingDVD drive: Disc read errors £38

DVD drive: No beeps dead! £55

Games freeze or wont load. DVD drive wont spin up. disc read errors reported on screen. Click-Click-Buzz noise or disc wont go in drive.


If complete drive needs replacing (rare) then £62 fitted.

xbox dvd jamming WiFi functionality £35-£45

Controllers won't sync. No internet connection on wifi. If you tried a cabled internet connection with no success then repair may require motherboard chip replacement at £45. Please triple check your broad band router and PS4 network settings first....

xbox dvd jammingHard drive replacement:  £55.00

All your data moved to new drive setup with the latest sony PS firmware, covering photos, game saves, music. Please make your own backups of your data if you can, as we don't guarantee the data transfer process.


xbox dvd jammingHard drive Upgrade: : 1TB £68.00 / 2TB £92.00

All your data moved to new drive setup with the latest sony PS firmware, covering photos, game saves, music, pictures. Please make your own backups of your data if you can, as we don't guarantee the data transfer process.


If you are upgrading or replacing hard drive due to console reporting Storage issues, then game save data may not be transferable to new drive as this indicates a failing drive, also purchased games via PSN will have to be downloaded again.


Call Now On 01454-329237 or 07774013249
To book in console

Or mail pete@pcpetes.co.uk



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Call within hours only.

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