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Theres a good reason it cost's money to have it fixed.!!!

Why we don't like taking on DIY half done jobs!


We understand some people want to try themselves, to get it done cheaper or just to say they did it, but,,,, If you don't know what you're doing, you can cause un-seen damage and in many cases render the console un-fixable.


8 reasons not to do it yourself....

  1. Flexing or dropping the board can break solder under chips making it hard to find which chips have solder damaged without re-flowing or reballing solder on chips until its found. This is why all console manufactures press the board between plates in the console, or have many bolt points through board to casing. Its to draw off heat and help reduce board flexing when console is moved or heat expansion occurs from use.
  2. You're bodies electro-static field can damage chips just by you touching them, if you don't take proper precautions and use correct tools and anti static equipment such as proper gloves and wrist cables and non magnetic tools.
  3. Pulling off HDMI ports or usb ports before the solder is properly molten can cause copper tracers and pads on the board to be damaged causing extra work and sometimes extensive bridging with fine wire. There are 19 pins on a hdmi port of which 12 are vital. Repairing these parts is a detailed long delicate micro soldering process..
  4. If you bridge and short pins on the HDMI port when trying to solder it back on without realising it, you may cause further damage when you assemble and power on console blowing other components or even the hdmi coder ic chip.
  5. If you don't use the correct heating methods or desoldering methods, you are at high risk of causing heat damage to the board such as blistering (pop-corning) where bubbles appear on the green masking which can break 2nd level tracers and drop-through's that run through the centre of board. This means they have to be found using a electrical test meter, and if possible bridged with fine wire.
  6. Consoles use thermal paste and pads to conduct heat away from hot chips such as the ram and main processing / gpu chips. IF Put back incorrectly or even left out can cause rapid over heating or long term high temperatures in operation causing heat damage, leading to board failure.
  7. IF you don't use the correct types of flux when soldering or de-soldering, you make crappy weak brittle solder joints that don't last.
  8. If you've used the wrong type of flux and don't clean the board off properly, you set the board off on a corrosion process over time.

Because of the above and many more reasons we don't give a warranty on repairs or except arguments that we should fix it free if it breaks shortly after we finish off a diy attempt.


Sometimes consoles run hotter after diy attempts due to cracked solder under chips causing electrical resistance which generates extra heat. It's a minefield of possible complications through lack of knowledge and care, and we are not keen in taking on such scenarios.


The reason we charge what we do, is because we use the best fluxes, the best solders, the best thermal pads and quality thermal ceramic pastes, and avoid the known dangers in console repairs, along with many years of micro-bga-smd and component soldering experience

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