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SOmetimes a little persuasion is needed!

Not all tablets will work using this method especially Apple iPads.

This method works for Most Android tablets especially Nexus and Samsung

If you're tablet sticks on the Google logo or Android colour logo, you may have a corrupted firmware (Android) installation. Using the recovery console may fix this but you will loose all data on the tablet.


Some times the accelerometer chip inside the tablet sticks and tablet can't workout its orientation on boot up causing it to hang waiting for the accelerometer chip.


Stuck on Google boot logo

  1. Hold power button until tablet powers on or restarts
  2. QUICKLY Keep camera at the top and turn over tablet screen downwards
  3. keep taping on the back right side until the boot process moves to coloured android logo

Maybe hold the tablet over or in front of a shiny surface like glass table or window so you can watch the screen whilst tapping. The tapping can sometimes free up the sensors inside the accelerometer chip. If tablet keeps hanging on Google boot logo maybe try the full reset method.


Stuck on Android or google logo (full reset method)


1 - Turn off the Nexus


2 - Press and hold Volume Down and then press and hold Power until the tablet turns on. You should see the word “start”


3 - Press Volume Down twice to highlight Recovery Mode. Press Power to confirm your selection


4 - Hold down the Power button and press and release the Volume Up button once

5 - Press Volume Down twice to highlight Wipe Data / Factory Reset and press Power to confirm


6 - Press Volume Down seven times to highlight Yes - Erase All User Data. Once again, press Power to confirm


7 - If tablet doesn't auto reboot when reset is finished, reboot your device by holding in power button until screen goes black.



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