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These pages hold basic info on the xbox-one for you're convenience

We don't offer support over the phone for this. This section is purely for casual information supplied to customers and site visitors.

Can I play my 360 games on my xbox-one?

In early November 2015 Microsoft began making updates to the xbox one firmware that allows backwards compatibility with 360 games. This list of games is on-going and will
grow over time.
You can click here to check


Some of the games may have different frame rates as the xbox-one firmware will be scaling the graphics as part of the compatibility work-around's so games may run slightly slower.


Can I copy my game saves from my xbox-360 to my xbox-one?

Yes, If you upload your 360 game saves to the cloud, then use your xbox one it should automatically include them. You should be able to use 360 game-saves with xbox-one
game titles.


Can I get my lost xbox live account back?

This is a tough one,, and its not made easy for you. Click here to see the live account support and recovery page for microsoft. All microsoft devices like phones - consoles - tablets, are now managed by you're microsoft one account.


You can use the one account to log into xbox live - outlook.com - MS office support - windows 10.


You will need the email address the account was setup with, so you can follow the password recovery process using your pc's web browser.











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