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These are good examples of how not to fix your Xbox.

Take note, some of these methods are temporary fixes that often cause permanent damage to your Xbox.


This fix is a personal favourite but defiantly not advisable

This guy has clearly had enough of the errors and lets out some frustration with a wrench..!!




Clearly this example was added for the fun factor, but the following examples are all people who genuinely think its a good job.









The supper dupper towel trick...


This does work,, but not permanently, and it can do more harm than good.


Using this method stops all venting whilst the xbox is on and holds in all the heat.


Rapid uncontrolled heating warps the board inside and can damage any one of the several chips inside.


There is also a possibility of damaging the CPU or GPU and so needing a replacement.





The stop fans spinning trick...



Shoving things in the fan blades through the case to stop fans from working only causes the GPU and CPU to rapidly overheat.


All this does is cause the xbox to supper heat to the state that the solder under the chips partially re flows.


Its a temporary fix and you can easily blow the GPU or CPU.






Any so called quick fix or trick you find on video sites will most likely cause more harm than good to the Xbox. I've even seen videos of people using blowtorch or heat guns, which is even worse causing lethal heat damage to components.


Heating up the components is what the pros do..! but with professional equipment that uses computer controlled heat patterns to gently rise temperature, evenly across the whole board so it doesn't warp or cause chips to develop hot-spots known as pop-corning..


The real fixers use heat profiles to completely remove chips from the board and follow through a careful process to replace all the solder on the chip, and then re-seat it back on the board.



You're Xbox has E7x errors because the solder underneath chips is no longer able to cope with the temperature changes in the Xbox. So when the Chips cool down, the solder underneath develops cracks causing solder joints that produce the xbox E74 / 73 errors, and other errors to..


PCpetes does not re-flow Xbox's But does completely replace the solder and adjust the x-clamps to reduce board warping under the GPU and CPU.


Re flowing is NOT a long-term-fix for E73,74 errors,

Re-balling IS a long term fix.


which is why PCpetes puts a 3 month guarantee on Xbox repairs done via re-balling methods.


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