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Red-Ring-Of-Death errors are due to the solder on motherboard and chips failing

The chips themselves can develop faults, needing replacement


When your Xbox goes wrong it shows a basic error number on the screen, but if the video chip is at fault the screen will be blank.


There is normally 1, 2, or 3 red lights on the power button ring, known as the red-ring-of-death. The most common Error is E74.


This is due to solder joints on a chip developing defects. Most repair shops don't replace the solder, they just re-flow the xbox motherboard which remolds the solder on everything, but this is a short term fix, and your xbox will break again in time.


In some cases the actual chip itself has failed, which for slims and xbox one's means no fix as these chips are married to the motherboard by a implanted digital key...


Here Pcpetes completely removes the chip and the solder from the board and chip. Then new solder is applied through a stencil onto the chip.


The chip is then heated on a special machine that uses computer controlled temperatures to gently rise the heat until the solder balls melt onto the chip. Then the chip is reseated in place.


Sometimes the chip itself has to be replaced due to shorting out and developing internal defects, or from severe warping due to long term high temperatures.


A sudden temperature rise could be due to over heating or fan failure or the thermal paste between chips and heat sinks failing. Aging Xbox's suffer from all of these and should be serviced once a year to prevent red-ring errors.


Xbox motherboard<< Here you can see an Xbox motherboard, showing the chips marked in red that cause red-ring errors when the solder or chip fails.



Sometimes these motherboards are warped and have to be heated using a machine to run a heat profile whilst tensioning the board which straightens the board again.



Warping can happen to the chips as well and this is harder to remove and not always possible. If there is too much warping, the solder joints under chips fail to make proper contact with the board.


To the right is a magnified image of the bga ball cracks

solder balls under an Xbox GPU chip.


Can you see the cracks that have formed due to aging solder..?


Re flowing these chips does not last very long, because the age and condition of the solder does not change..!!


It must be completely replaced with high quality new solder, for a long lasting repair.


Re flowing an Xbox only works well, if the motherboard was warped and re-flowing reduced warping and solder was in fair condition to start with..... If chips other than GPU and CPU are at fault, sometimes the re-flow repair does last for a long period.




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