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xbox and Wii repairs

These repairs are guaranteed for 6 months

PCPetes only uses BGA re-balling methods and quality materials.

Why BGA methods are better.!!

The Xbox Dont-Do-It article

** Reliable parts for this console are in short supply now, which is why some xbox fat repairs are discontinued.

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 1 Red Light / E73 or E74 ErrorDiscontinued

If you have this error, your Xbox has developed a bad solder joint under one of the chips inside. The chip will be removed and solder replaced.


If, the chip has failed, an additional £5 applies. IF you see E68 on the screen, try removing hard drive, and book it in, if it still red-rings.

2 Red Lights / E07Discontinued


After playing the console for a short period of time the xbox 360 shuts down and shows two red lights. Sometimes it will startup and shut down within 10 seconds. There may be no Video with 2 red lights...

3 Red Lights and/or/ No VisualsDiscontinued


Your Xbox 360 has no video output, and there are 3 flashing lights around the power button.This indicates hardware failure on the motherboard, and must be booked in for repair.


xbox four red lightXbox 360 Has Four Red Lights Discontinued


When turned on the console shows four red lights, this indicates a display fault. First, check your cables before taking this repair. Check hdmi ports pins inside to see if bent. Try a different cable.


 Crashing / Overheating£20.00

Your Xbox 360 loads games ok, but after some time crashes or hangs either in dashboard or when playing a game. Fans constantly on high. Xbox may shut down at random times on 2-red lights.

 DVD open-tray error OR no disc reads£20.00

Your Xbox 360 won't eject DVD tray. Sometimes open-tray error displays even when the tray is closed. This repair will involve laser re-alignment or replacement, or dvd try inner mech and/or sensor switch replacement.

 HDMI port repair: £28.00

Your Xbox 360's HDMI port is broken you can visibly see pins missing bent or inner part broken. Port may be yanked over to one side due to tripping on cable or console falling.

All parts used carry a 6 month guarantee against defects and not user damage

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If your Xbox has been badly repaired or worked on prior to PCPetes repair work, there may be additional cost to advertised fixed prices which will be discussed with you.
In this case a 3 month guarantee does not apply.


This is because Depending on what was done, other damage sometimes occurs such as a chip rendered useless through heat damage or components close to chip suffering heat damage. If Bolts were used on the motherboard, there may be convex' d warping of board under Graphic chip or the CPU chip. This type off damage is not fixable and may result in no repair.


We do not flash xbox dvd drives with any form of custom firmware and are strictly confined to Original Microsoft and manufacture assigned firmware's only.



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