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xbox and Wii repairs

These repairs are guaranteed for 6 month

PCPetes only uses BGA re-balling methods and quality materials.

All parts used carry a 6 month guarantee against defects and not user damage

Why BGA methods are better.!!

The Xbox Dont-Do-It article

Repair times and process


No fix - No Fee.

If you can't see your repiar type bellow call and book in for free diagnostics

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xbox-360-slim-red light Red Dot / E82 Error£38.00

If you have this error, your Xbox has developed a fault on the motherboard, due to component failure. You may have no display or E82 error showing on screen.


xbox powerPower / Eject button repair £25.00

Any physical damage to button, or button gets knocked out of front panel. If you can't power on xbox. If button has just popped out of mounts and still works, this is £15 to repair.

xbox-slim- usb slotsUSB slot repair (front / rear) £30.00

Bent or snapped usb slots. Pulled inner pins or inner plastic plate loose. If something metal or conductive other than a usb plug was pushed into slot and xbox won't power on or usb slot's wont work, you may have a motherboard issue due to usb power short.

replace xbox slim dvd drive DVD's not reading / loading £28.00

Open tray error when trying to read disk. No games will load. Games may stop in mid loading with un recognized disk error. This repair involves laser replacement and calibration. On odd occasions the laser shuttle motor also has to be replaced at an additional £8 (usually with very noisy drives).

xbox slim overheating Crashing / Overheating£25.00

Your Xbox 360 slim loads games ok, but after short time shuts off, or reports a ventilation error. Fan can also rev very high and freeze console dashboard at same time. You may see E26 error on screen.

xbox dvd jamming DVD tray jamming or not ejecting£20.00

Tray may stick and or discs won't eject. Tray may be stuck out unable to close or jammed partly open or not move at all regardless.

Complete DVD drive replacement £42.00

If your Xbox has been badly repaired or worked on in the past, there may be additional cost to advertised fixed prices which will be discussed with you.
In this case a 3 month guarantee does not apply.


This is because Depending on what was done, other damage sometimes occurs such as a chip rendered useless through heat damage or components close to chip suffering heat damage. If Bolts were used on the motherboard, there may be convex' d warping of board under Graphic chip or the CPU chip. This type off damage is not fixable and may result in no repair.


We do not flash xbox dvd drives with any form of custom firmware and are strictly confined to Original Microsoft and manufacture assigned firmware's only.


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