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Pcpetes may repair laptops, desktops and games condoles, but he plays games as well.. All games on here are free and full versions that PCpetes has stumbled across on the web.


swine gameS.W.I.N.E

A fantastic FREE real-time strategy game with great graphics and playability. This is a 716meg download of full game with no restrictions.


Don't be fooled by the belief it's free and not very good. This game is extremely addictive! A good training level starts you off, and there are many web sites with resources and advice for this game as it has a huge following.


I play this game quite allot, and it works well sporting good graphics, and full of humour and in-game bantering. Each battle vehicle has different abilities which you must put to good use. Huge terrains and weather effects and a double speed button for time laps make this game a fantastic single or multi-player game.


swine game swine game swine game


Download the game from the links bellow:









Get recourses, advice, patches and cheats from theses sites:

(Note: installing patch 1.9 stops the game cheats)










Multi player game play




dirty bomb This game is on the steam platform and requires a steam account to play which is also free.


Its a fast paced game shooter with great graphics and game play.. in the words of steam...


Work together or die alone! Fight to restore peace to London or tear it down for profit in the most challenging team based shooter around.




You'll need a minimum pc spec of: quad core cpu, 3gb ram, 5gb hard drive space, 512MB - GeForce 7800GTX, and a good broadband internet connection.


Game is multi-player based with teams working together to find and stop dirty bombs whilst kicking ass along the way. Get it free on steam




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