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White papersWhite Papers and eBooks on Computer subjects with tutorials and advice and many home and small business projects and task's. Click orange title to view / download.


Tools & Utilities
  • Using Mozilla Thunderbird to Mass-Mail clients
    This PDF file will instruct you on how to install and use the Mail Merge thunderbird Add-on which allows you to mass mail people or clients in an organised manner.

  • Computer Savvy
    White paper giving advice and tips on staying safe and keeping your computer out of trouble on the internet.

  • My First Website
    Having a website for the first time can be a daunting task for an individual or small business owner/s. This paper covers some basics on options to think about and how you can prepare for the task ahead.

  • 10 Common PC issues
    Popular paper on some of the most common issues computers suffer from, and how to deal with them.

  • Backup Your Data
    Why you must do this, and the ways it can be done with pros and cons and hardware described.

  • Googling
    Many people don't realize just how powerful the google search engine really is. This paper shows you how to perform refined searches on the web and how to get specific data.

  • Protecting your Identity
    Vital paper on how and why you should protect your identity. Your Internet identity can lead to your real identity, which can be used by others, leaving you responsible for their actions, or suffering the consequences.

  • Setup your WiFi router
    Many clients and customers are driven nuts by misbehaving internet connections wired and wireless. This paper covers how to set things up and what can cause issues.

  • XP lives on
    Think that XP has now taken the slot windows 2000 once had, that dead-duck waiting for the dinner plate!! Think again.. you still use this OS for many useful things, and this article / paper covers some of them.

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