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Utilities and tools for changing sound and video file formats. Recording sound and the desktop and lots more . All free and tested.


Comintrep; Network connections repair tool



comintrepComintrep is a network connection repair tool which is automated so you don't have to go through all the system checks and changes manually. You run it and a list of fixes are displayed. You tick the fixes you want and click the GO button and you're done!


If you're not sure about which fix,, Tick Everything!!


You will also see a arrow button next to each repair type.You can click the button to perform a single repair.


from the small menu system under 'Commands' menu, you can set a system restore point before running repairs, and even check your connection speeds.


This is a very simple tool to use which performs a comprehensive collection of fixes. Logs can also be saved for diagnosis should fixes fail.


When downloaded double the file to unzip it, open the comintrep folder and double click the Comintrep_x64.exe to run it. No installation is needed, this is a stand alone tool.


Download from Pcpetes


Download from MajorGeeks site


Older version

Macrorit Disk drive scanner


macrorit disk scannerThis is a very simple to use drive scanner which will check your hard drive for damage and report what it finds.


Simply select the disk drive in the left drop menu then click 'Start Now' and thats it, a scan starts showing you the progress and any back block via a live map of drive. If you click stop before scan is complete it wont resume again, it will start from begining next time you doit.


If you see red block in the map, thats damaged sectors on your hard drive. Green is good and yellow is current scan.


Selecting the 'more' menu option top right, you can check for program updates or set the scanner to shut-down computer when complete.


Download from PCpetes (Portable verion doesnt install, just run it from its folder)


Download from Authors site. (scroll to bottom of page left side 'free disk scanner')




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