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Local to Yate, Bristol.
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How to Pay

  1. We can take card or cash & cheque payments at the workshop.
  2. We include Bacs and payment details for bank transfers at the bottom of invoices.
  3. You can request a paypal electronic invoice email which can be paid by a paypal account or credit/debit card via a link in the mail.
  4. We use Chip-n-Pin at the workshop.

Our terms for Invoicing and payments


From date of Invoice / Bill, We tolerate the standard 30 day grace period for business-to-business sales, and 14 days for all other.


If payment is not received by that time, we send a friendly reminder for payment in 7 days and final remindr after 14 days. If no payment is recieved 7 days after the final reminder we move to proceedings to collect the debt along with all accumolated cost's.


Other options will be offered to help you with covering the repair cost. The longer it takes to pay the invoice / Bill, the greater the risk is of accumulating higher cost.


End of grace period

A reminder by email and post is sent giving a further 7 days to pay with warning that total due will include administration fees in final warning onwards. We may call you within this period to try and arrange payment.


14 days over due from end of grace period: Final reminder

If still no payment after 7 days from first reminder, a Final reminder is sent by letter and email. This will now include revised invoice with all administration fees and cost's added.


21 days over due: Action notification

If no payment is received after the final reminder 7 day grace period, you will receive notification by email and post that proceedings to collect the amount due will begin in 7 days from the date on notification.


Payment can be made anytime within this Action Notification grace period but after the final 7 days have past all correspondence will be through the collection agency for which you will be given details of. They will most likely contact you in 3-6 days.

Administration fees

Sending a invoice reminder by post: £3.50

Phone calls to request payment: £1.50

When past final reminder grace period: invoice + administration fees+ all 3rd party and any court costs accumulated are added to total cost on each account.




Trouble paying or unable to pay the invoice due


If you are having financial difficulties and the amount due is under £60, we may except one or more devices such as PC's - Tablets - Mobile phone or games console as payment.


In this case we would either sell the device and deduct all fees and pay you the remainder, or take it as spare parts for stripping at current market values and refunding the difference after costs are deducted.





Mon - Fri. 9:00-5:30

Sat 09:30 - 3:00

Sun - Closed

Call within hours only.

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Interior Design

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Head office: London

Based in Bristol




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