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Terms of Use

The legal stuff

All that you see is copyright and forums, submissions, accounts, all have required conduct

Terms & Conditions
In all this the agreement being terms and conditions statement, the words 'web site' and 'PCpetes.co.uk' or 'Pcpetes' or 'the site' all refer to the content held in either www.pcpetes.co.uk and are as such definitions of a web site and its contents.
pcpetes.co.uk(the site) reserve the right to amend, edit, add, delete content to this the definition and media representation of our terms and conditions, also to be known as 'terms of use'.

1 Accounts and registrations

1.a PCpetes has the right to terminate any registration or accounts based on free resources or paid content and or services where upon holders of said items are in violation of section (5) .

2. Liabilities and Content

2.a. PCPetes accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage or accumulated cost due to any of the following.

aa. use of any materials or help given on this web site.

ab. any advice taken or used from this site.

ac. any software or templates for any applications offered by this site.

ad. Any resources downloaded or veiwed on this web site.

3. Data Protections Act

3.a. PCpetes and its owners abide by the rules stated in the 'data protections act' and will NEVER give your details stored with us to any other 3rd party or even other division of pcpetes... period..

3.b. PCPetes and its owners except no responsibility for action against its customers and web site registrants which is a result of them using any form of another persons or businesses identity on our web site or services in any form without their prior consent.

3.c. PCpetes and its owners except no responsibility for action against its customers and web site registrants for which is a result of them using copyrighted materials or information or intellectual content without the legal owners consent.

4.Interlectual Property

All Intellectual Property Rights (including, without limitation, all database rights, rights in designs, rights in know-how, copyright and rights in inventions (in all cases whether registered or unregistered and including all rights to apply for registration and or ownership) and all other intellectual or industrial property rights in any jurisdiction) in any information, content, materials, data or processes and given information via pcpetes contained with-in or to this web site belong to PcPetes.co.uk owners or licensed source. All rights of PCpetes.co.uk and its owners in such Intellectual Property Rights are hereby reserved.
5.The right to terminate
5.a.We, pcpetes and its owner/s reserve the right to terminate contracts and user accounts and or registrations based on the following actions and involvements.

5.b.Any involvements with pornography in any form such as third party members and or organizations or materials that breach (UK) and (EUROPEAN) law and legislation's as such as to incriminate all that defines pcpetes.co.uk(the site) or as to place into conflict with law, or non appliance to law of any kind.

5.c. Any involvement or use or legal or non-legal parties and or materials and members put into relationships or definitions relating to pcpetes and its owners to aid terrorism in any form of any description.

5.d. Reasons and actions for/and in abuse towards any members of pcpetes services and or web site and owners and or contributors to pcpetes including any form of its definition in any description.

5.e. Any form of any relation or link to any non-legal activities that is 'made related in any way to pcpetes.co.uk (the site), in any form' including verbal or any use of internet or digital media of any kind, that relates pcpetes.co.uk(site) to any form of the following descriptions; (ea) pornography in any form. (eb) ad ware or spy ware in any form. (ec) Email harvesting with the intent to pass on, in any form. (ed) offering of malicious software in any form.


Statement of compliance
In all the above and that which forms legal bindings to 'pcpetes.co.uk(the site)' is relevant in our claim to our legal rights and actions against others should pcpetes.co.uk(the site) be in conflict with laws and any form of legal representation from others in actions against pcpetes.co.uk(the site) and those representing and working for pcpetes.co.uk(the site).


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